Singer Britney Spears will never reconcile with her father Jamie ‘dead or alive’



American singer, Britney Spears will reportedly not be reconciling with her estranged father Jamie, even in the wake of his ailing health and leg amputation, as she refuses to forgive him for hurting her in ways that are ‘not imaginable’, Daily Mail reports.

The singer, 42, had appeared to hint at a possible reunion after she shared a series of throwback photos on Instagram including one with her estranged father, 71, who controlled her 13-year conservatorship until its termination in November 2021.

Singer  Britney Spears will never reconcile with her father Jamie�

But a source close to the singer has shut down any talk of them repairing their fractured relationship and confirmed the singer is forging on with the legal battle against her father.

‘There is no chance, ever, that Britney will reconcile with her dad,’ the insider told DailyMail exclusively. ‘He hurt her in ways not imaginable and, regardless of what happens to his health, she will never forgive the man, dead or alive. 

The only reason that Britney included this photo is that she loved the picture with her son. It had nothing to do with her dad, or his health issues.’

However, there are growing fears for Jamie’s health after it was recently revealed that he had a leg amputated in October, while he was living with his youngest daughter Jamie Lynn Spears, 32, at her newly built home in Louisiana. 

According to TMZ, he had ‘a massive infection in one of his legs that landed him in a hospital for weeks.’ 

A source told the publication: ‘He had five unsuccessful surgeries to contain the infection, and doctors decided the only way to proceed was amputation.’

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