Nigerian woman issues stern warning to friends sliding into her husband’s DM and sending ‘incessant greetings’ to him



An Austria-based Nigerian lady, Ifunanya Maduka, has issued a stern warning to the online friends who have been sliding into her husband’s DM for different reasons.
“Most of you be really wilding on this space o. This is a warning, first and last!!! Stop adding my husband up if you’re my friend, you’re my friend not his friend, stay here and not on his wall,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday, December 14, 2023.
Most of you even go as far as sending him dms for different reasons
I just saw the messages of a friend of mine on here who went to my husband’s dm to make enquires about Austria, meanwhile I am here, I’m the one that is your friend and the funniest part is that, we are talking about this same topic and I’m giving as much information as I can
Let me not talk about the ones sending incessant greetings to him and the ones asking for money
Stop it, you don’t have a business being in my husband’s list, na me and you be Facebook friend, let it remain like that because some of una no dey reason, tufiakwa
Even most of my real life friends no get access to my husband oburuzikwa ndi Facebook that we don’t even know each other past this meta streets. Unu na apika m o.
Nigerian woman issues stern warning to friends sliding into her husband

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