Musician Tommy Lee sued for allegedly sexually assaulting woman in helicopter



Tommy Lee, an American musician who co-founded and plays drums for the heavy metal band, Mötley Crüe, has been sued for allegedly forcing himself on a woman in a helicopter cockpit.

Court document obtained by TMZ revealed that Tommy Lee is being sued by a woman who alleged that the sexual assault happened way back in February 2003 when she was riding in a chopper with Tommy and another man.

The woman said she was friends with the helicopter pilot, and he invited her on a tour of San Diego County but when she got to the airfield, Tommy was there, and she was told the plans changed and they would all be riding up to Los Angeles.

The woman claims she felt pressured to go, and once airborne she claimed Tommy and the pilot started drinking alcohol, smoking weed and snorting cocaine.

In the document, the woman claimed the men pressured her to come up to the cockpit and sit on Tommy’s lap and as soon as she obliged, she alleged that Tommy forced himself on her.

The woman claimed Tommy began groping and kissing her, but when she tried to pull away he became more forceful. She claims he penetrated her with his fingers while fondling her breasts.

She further alleged that the musician also pulled down his pants and attempted to force her head down towards his genitals.

When they got to Los Angeles, Tommy hugged her and bounced, while the pilot flew her back to San Diego in silence.

She said the alleged incident left her feeling shock, distress, humiliation, shame and guilt, claiming she didn’t go to the cops because she didn’t think she would be taken seriously. She added that she suffered from anxiety, depression, PTSD and other physical and psychological harms.

The lady is going after Tommy for damages.

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