Actor Darius McCrary arrested again for failing to pay child support



Hollywood actor Darius McCrary has been arrested again for failing to pay child support.

The “Family Matters” star who is dad to two daughters and one son, was booked on November 27 on a felony count of failure to pay child support.

Court documents showed that he had an outstanding arrearage of $52,788.04 as of March 12, 2019. He pled not guilty at his arraignment, and the judge set his bond conditions at $13,197.01, ruling that it would be monitored by a GPS device.

Online records show he still remains behind bars.

This isn’t the first time Darius has been accused of failing to pay child support. He was arrested in 2015 on a similar charge before coughing up around $5,500 in back support.

Two years later, the struggling actor claimed he only made $500 during the previous year, rendering him unable to pay child support to help out his then-estranged wife, Tammy Brawner.

The duo’s divorce was officially finalized in 2019 after a bitter 2-year battle and one of the terms of their divorce was that Darius pay Tammy $1,366 per month in child support which he’s now being accused of not paying.

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