Model Julia Fox claims ex-Kanye West ‘weaponized’ her against Kim Kardashian and treated her ‘like a puppet’



Julia Fox has shared more details about her relationship with Kanye West in her upcoming memoir, Down the Drain.

The model, 33, claimed the rapper, whom she briefly dated in early 2022, ‘weaponized’ her against his ex Kim Kardashian.

‘I thought ultimately I’d be helping a precarious situation, but I learned very quickly that I was being weaponized,’ she explained to The Los Angeles Times.

Although she ‘really understood him on a visceral level’ and believed their pairing ‘could be something real,’ Julia said Kanye ultimately didn’t treat her the way she expected.

‘I just felt like his little puppet.’

Model Julia Fox claims ex-Kanye West

Julia said she ‘went lightly’ in describing her time with Kanye in the book, even though she didn’t sign an NDA.

‘I’m not signing a f****** NDA just on principle. I never have, and I never will,’ she explained, before adding, ‘Unless it’s a professional opportunity, then sure.”

She also hinted that she may have been blacklisted from projects because of her association with the controversial star, who was dropped by several brands following his anti-Semitic comments.

‘I know for a fact I’ve been up for certain things and couldn’t do it because of dating Kanye. It’s kind of wild.’

Julia also said she never had too much invested in the romance, despite all the attention.

‘It really wasn’t that big of a deal, but other people made it such a big deal.’

After the falling out with Kanye, Julia swore off men for a while, admitting she still doesn’t ‘see the point’ in dating.

‘That romanticized idea of men doesn’t exist anymore.’

For now, the main man is her life is her adorable son Valentino, two, whom she welcomed with her ex-husband, Peter Artemiev.

‘All the validation I could ever get, I get from my son — the love, the intimacy, the closeness. We co-sleep at night. I have all of that. I wouldn’t want anyone to come in and take my attention or time away from my son.’

Julia’s memoir Down the Drain drops on Tuesday.


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