Woman reveals how her boyfriend strolls out nak3d anytime her friends are in their home and flips out on her when she complains



A lady has revealed how her boyfriend strolls round the house naked anytime her friends come visiting.

The lady said that she recently started living with him and everything had been going fine until he started showing up naked when her friends came around. Even after confronting him, the lady said the boyfriend flipped out on her as he saw ‘nothing wrong’ with strolling around his house naked.

I moved in with my boyfriend a few months ago – it’s the first time that either of us have lived with a partner and it has been wonderful. We were in complete agreement about décor, chore sharing, and splitting costs, which I know are often the topics that can cause issues with couples who move in.” The unnamed lady told Daily Mail’s Jane Green column.

But three weeks ago, I was hosting a few of my friends for a girls’ night and my boyfriend just strolled through the living room totally naked.

I was absolutely stunned – everyone was. One of my friends even screamed. I figured he’d forgotten we were there, and I jumped up to shield him from view.

I bundled him out of the room… but then he just stared at me like I was the one who’d gone insane. He asked me why I was acting so strangely when he was just being comfortable in his own home.

I said we’d chat about it later and went back in to make excuses to my friends.

Since then, it’s happened three more times. In fact any time I have friends over, it’s like a trigger for him to strip naked and go on a stroll around the house.

I’ve tried telling him so many times how uncomfortable it makes me, how awkward it is for my friends, and I’ve asked so many times if he can please just cover up when we have company over. Every time, he’s looked so hurt.

He asked me why I’m trying to make something perfectly natural feel so gross and creepy. He accused me of trying to make him feel like a pervert when all he’s trying to do is relax in his home.

I don’t want to make him feel like a creep at all, but I’m now terrified to invite any of my friends over because they all find it so uncomfortable and awkward.

I can’t work out if he’s telling me the truth or if these naked displays are some weird way of him claiming his territory?

Please help me find some common ground here.

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