Preach your gospel and leave Mohbad’s name out of your ministration – Tonto Dikeh tackles Pastor Tunde Bakare over his comment on late Mohbad



Actress Tonto Dikeh has tackled Pastor Tunde Bakare over the comment he made about late Singer Mohbad, while delivering a sermon on Sunday, September 24.

The clergyman insinuated that the 27-year-old singer who died on September 12, associated with evil men when he was alive.

“’How many of you know MohBad? The Nigerian artiste who died at 27? MohBad. When he was drinking and smoking and associating with evil men, he does not know that the harvest will come so soon and that he will soon be cut down at the prime of youth. I am not blaming him, I am just telling you. Is MohBad a good name? Moh Bad”  Bakare said

Reacting to his comment, Tonto asked the clergyman to preach the gospel and leave Mohbad’s name out of his message.

Expressing her disapproval, Tonto wrote

‘’Dear pastor Tunde,


When your colleagues are caught with their pants down in unholy sexual activities.

We never hear your voice, you never speak nor preach about them..

It comes to the death of a boy who is old enough to be your last born and you say “HE REAPED THE REWARD OF HIS ACTIONS.

What Actions?

Please please please KEEP THE SAME ENERGY with your corrupted Colleagues as you just did today.

It’s the anointing of God upon your head that’s making me not go off on this LOSSE COMMENT OF YOURS.

I have learnt over the years that if you have nothing nice to say, Keep mute(DONT TALK AT ALL)

Preach your gospel and leave mohbads name out of your ministration..

I don’t respect old age , I respect the wisdom your exhibit at old age..





Preach your gospel and leave Mohbad

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