NBA star Tristan Thompson receives temporary guardianship of his younger brother, 17, following their mother’s death



NBA star, Tristan Thompson has been granted temporary guardianship of his younger brother Amari after the teen was left unable to care for himself following the sudden death of their mother Andrea.

A judge during a court hearing on Wednesday in Los Angeles granted Tristan’s petition for temporary guardianship and scheduled a hearing on permanent guardianship for November, according to an article by TMZ.

Tristan, 32, was not present in court for the hearing but was represented by his attorney via Zoom.

Amari will also get $103,475 because of Andrea’s passing, and Tristan as guardian can protect his assets, TMZ previously reported.

Their father Trevor is absent from their lives so Tristan is the only person in the family who can provide care.

Andrea died of a heart attack at age 53 in January and the Kardashian family rallied to support Tristan and his younger brother.

NBA star Tristan Thompson receives temporary guardianship of his younger brother, 17, following their mother

It was revealed on the season finale of The Kardashians that Tristan’s ex Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, and Kris Jenner all flew to Toronto with Tristan on Kim’s private jet, and that Tristan and Amari moved in with Khloe, but she insisted they’re not back together romantically.

Andrea was the sole caretaker for Amari, and when she died in January, Armani was put into Tristan’s care, which meant moving him to Los Angeles, where Tristan lives.

However, in an unusual twist of fate, both Tristan and Amari actually moved in with Khloe, after a mishap with Tristan’s house that was being renovated.

Khloe revealed in confession during the finale, ‘Tristan has a house he’s doing construction on and he’s been renovating. He was able to live there during renovations, but we had crazy weather for California, like extreme rain, and Tristan’s roof caved in on his home and caused flooding. So Tristan and Amari are staying at my house right now, until his home gets fixed.’

Khloe confirms in confession, ‘Tristan and I are not back together. I know it’s hard for everyone to believe, but I love love love Andrea and I love Tristan, I love Amari, and this is what family does.’

She added, ‘Tristan is the father of my kids, you know. I’ve lost my dad, and my dad was like a fairy tale parent, but still I can’t wrap my head around losing my mom, and I know how close Tristan and his mom are, and it’s just heartbreaking, and to be left with the responsibility of another person as well, it’s a lot.’

Khloe added that Amari has been, ‘having more seizures than normal because he’s just…’ as Tristan finishes, ‘adjusting.’

Khloe adds in confession, ‘I’m grateful that I’m strong enough and brave enough to be a support system for someone else that has no other support system right now. You don’t have to treat me right for me to treat you right. It’s not the way I was raised.’

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