The Ayeni Family Drops a Bombshell: DNA Test Confirms Adaobi Alagwu’s Waterloo! – Family Source



‘When a side chick picks the wrong man, wrong marriage, a lot of life lessons will be learnt as is the case with Abuja based lawyer, Adaobi Alagwu who has been the centre of very unpalatable media exposure in recent times,’ a family source stated.

Adaobi’s estranged relationship with billionaire businessman, Tunde Ayeni has crumbled, but that’s not the news. The news is how Ayeni’s wife, Biola dragged Adaobi like a ‘tiger generator’ calling her a ‘liar’, ‘gold digger’ and ‘impostor’ in her explosive interview a few weeks ago. As if that’s not enough, Tunde Ayeni himself has now come out to address the ‘ugly’ situation saying, ‘I am not involved in any way with Miss Alagwu and I will never be again’.

In his official statement that was also published in several Nigerian national dailies, Ayeni went on to say, ‘I wish to affirm that I am a father to three wonderful children with my delectable wife, Abiola. These are the legitimate scions of the Ayeni dynasty. I do not have any child elsewhere’.

Just last week, Mrs Biola Ayeni in her interview that’s now been described as the biggest society story in recent times said, ‘I am not surprised by this woman’s pretense; she is a desperate gold digger and a woman of loose morals, attempting to ascend to the status of Mrs. Ayeni by merely attributing her child to my husband. But let it be known, a child does not serve as a marriage certificate, nor does it secure her position in the fake lifestyle she’s embraced. To further assert that the child does not belong to my husband only adds to the embarrassment of her claims. Our legal team has firmly warned her to stop parading as Mrs. Ayeni, as she never was, and never will be, as long as the Lord reigns. My husband and I are bound by the sacred bonds of matrimony. As for her referring to her child with my husband’s surname, Ayeni is a common name. The child is not Tunde Ayeni’s child. Period! Eventually, when she tires of borrowing his name, she’ll revert to her father’s’ she said.

Read Tunde Ayeni’s Full Statement Below…

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