Resident doctors reject FG’s N25k quarterly allowance



The newly approved N25,000 quarterly accoutrement allowance from the federal government has been rejected by the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD).

Recall that the federal government announced earlier this week that it has approved an accoutrement allowance of N25,000 per quarter to medical and dental doctors in hospitals, medical centres and clinics in the federal public service.

However, reacting to this on Saturday, July 29, NARD’s President Emeka Orji said they will be rejecting the offer as it is a paltry sum and does not meet their demand.

He said in a statement;

“We observed the paltry 25 per cent increment in the basic salary of doctors as contained in the circular released by the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission (NSIWC) in the wake of the strike, as well as the accouterment allowance.

“NEC has resolved to vehemently reject the paltry 25% increment in the basic salary of doctors as well as the accouterment allowance, adding that her earlier demand is for full restoration of the Consolidated Medical Salary Structure to its right value as at the time of the approval of the structure in 2009.”

The association said it would continue the ongoing nationwide total and indefinite strike action until reasonable progress is made by the government to address its demands.

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