Rapper Snoop Dogg reveals he had a pet cockroach named Gooch for six months



Legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg has revealed he once kept a cockroach he named The Gooch as a pet for six months.

The rapper, 51, disclosed this during a chat with the Canadian interviewer Nardwuar about the circumstances behind his adoption of the roach.

‘Gooch used to live with me,’ said the Drop It Like It’s Hot performer, whose real name is Calvin Broadus Jr.

The Young, Wild & Free rapper said his initial intentions were to rid his living space of the roach, but he was impressed by the insect’s will to live.

‘In my apartment, I had a roach that we couldn’t kill,’ the entertainer and marijuana advocate said. ‘We tried to kill the motherf***er when we first moved in and he wouldn’t die, so we called him The Gooch … we used to leave food out for him and everything.’

The Gin and Juice artist estimated that The Gooch was a presence in his living quarters for six months, and ‘just kept getting bigger and bigger’ under his care.

‘I stayed in that apartment for like about six, seven months – cuz grew to the size of about a whole dollar bill,’ said the rap icon, who donned a hoodie with the cover artwork of his 1993 album Doggystyle emblazoned on it.



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