NEMA alerts residents against flooding in 11 Niger LGAs



The National Emergency Management Agency has urged people in 11 local government areas in Niger State to prepare for the expected flood in the next few months.

The Head of the Minna Operations Office, Zhinab Sa’idu issued a warning in the state capital, Minna stating that Mokwa, Shiroro, Lavun, and Borgu local government areas are at high risk of flooding between July and November. She also mentioned that Edati, Gbako, Wushishi, Rafi, Mashegu, Magama, and Agwara are at moderate risk of flooding during the same period.

“It is pertinent to note that Niger State has already started experiencing flood and windstorm in some of these areas and hence the need for the people of the state to take serious precaution to avoid any further damage to properties and loss of lives,” she said.

Sa’idu advised people in the LGAs to keep their drainage clean to prevent waterways and channels from getting blocked. She also recommended that those living on flood plains and river banks should move to higher and safer areas.

“There is a strong sign that the water levels along River Niger is rising and this will consequently raise the water levels along its tributaries, therefore leading to an overflow of water on the river banks, which will have significant impact on the settlements around the rivers,” she said.

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