‘My sister’s husband buried her without telling us how she died, claims he paid her bride price and has right to her corpse’ – Nigerian woman narrates



A Nigerian woman, Angel Presh, has shared a touching story about her sister, Onyinyechukwu Divine Obioma, who died last year, leaving a newborn behind.
Taking to Facebook on Thursday, July 6, 2023, Angel narrated how her sister’s husband buried her without formally informing their family how she died, claiming he had right to her corpse since he paid her bride price.
Narrating further, Angel alleged that her brother-in-law also attempted to take custody of her sister’s baby, who turned one today.
Read her post below:
6-07-2022, a day to always remember. One year passed already without seeing you Divine Paul my kid sis that loves me so much.
In as much as I don’t know where exactly your husband buried you. In as much as you were buried like a day old baby
In as much as he didn’t inform daddy and his kinsmen officially of your death from last year July you died and was buried.
Your corpse was not taken to your fathers compound for daddy’s kinsmen that waited for him to come and give details on what happened to you but he rather buried you with his friends claiming he had paid your bride price and therefore he has the right to your corpse
He then came bk to kano and met daddy only to demand for your baby(Who just clocked one year old today) of course daddy resisted that the child is just too tender for such an undertaking
Under continuous pressure….your husband went and lodged his complaints to the NAPTIP TEAM that I kidnapped your daughter
The officials of NAPTIP, after having considered the implications in the case, advised us to go and settle..…
Your husband reported the case to the state CID Bompai…Daddy and I were promptly arrested and I was even locked up in the cell after some few hours I was released because they felt I was a threat to them and also with a fake medical report..…
The case was charged to court by the Ipo after much pressure to give him the baby which I resisted just because I was fighting for the survival of the baby.
Daddy and I were served papers from the high court on the 22nd of November to report on the 15th of December…so, on the 28th of November the Ipo from state CID came to my residence and said the oc legal wants to settle the case between us
Immediately I saw your husband car with his friends behind us not knowing it was a tricky move to unknown direction..They finally drove silently into the court premises at nomansland
Your husband and I made statement…after exhaustive hearings the judge adjourned the case
Finally the court had another sitting..in which the judge acquainted and discharge the case. I won!!!
Onyinyechukwu Divine Obioma I would have said that you should rest in peace but what is the use of peace without Justice??? May your killers and all those who support them never know peace!!!
Your dearest daughter, Ifunanya praises is one year old today and she’s doing very good with me
My dearest Ify baby
I decree into life this day, My daughter
You shall be the light others will look up to. You shall live to honour God all the days of your life. The things your mum couldn’t achieve and the height she couldn’t attain
You shall achieve it all and more and more…Nothing dies in your hand
Your life and destiny attracts nothing buh favour…Strength and grace
Men shall see nothing but GOD in all the affairs of your life in Jesus name Amen
Happy Birthday
Signed: Her mother’s daughter



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