“Sina go and find your missing rib cause it’s not me!” – Sina Rambo’s estranged wife, Heidi writes



Nigerian singer Sina Rambo’s estranged wife, Heidi, has taken to social media to speak up on the threat to her life by Sina.

It was earlier reported that Heidi announced her divorce from her husband, Sina, and her intention to give away her diamond wedding ring to any couple who are planning to get married.

Following this, she took to her Instagram page to raise alarm and note that if anything happened to her, Sina Rambo was responsible.

According to her, she was done with the marriage and didn’t need anything from Sina but he would not let her be and divorce him in peace.

She wrote;

“If anything happens hold sina Rambo responsible o threat to life, sina please divorce me in peace and let’s coparent we are NOT compatible and it’s clear. Sina please free me from vour
shackles I want to be free and loved and validated the way I am supposed to be. Sina leave me and my baby alone. We need nothing from you. Let this be known. Sina and family grant me my divorce and leave me alone!!!! Silent but dangerous please leave me alone!!! Go marry suits and leave me alone!!!! I beg tell him to give me divorce I am done!!!!! Sina go and find your missing rib because it’s not me! Free me!

Women are expected to keep forgiving and forgiving but I am not that person please leave me ALONE! I rented my house, zero kobo from you. got my car, staying in peace what else do you want? My head on a pedestal in your house? What exactly????


Marriage is not by force. When love is gone it’s gone! Free me!


Please beg on my behalf marriage is NOT force. I don’t want!!!!

Grant me divorce please!!!!! Go rub your shit on someone else’s face please!! I’m not that girl! I don’t care about title or anything leave me please!! Please beg sina to go find what completes him I am done with this BS!!”



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