Manchester United’s winger Antony being accused of domestic abuse by ex-girlfriend



The woman who has accused Manchester United attacker, Antony of domestic violence claims the footballer made multiple threats on her life in a string of violent incidents.

On Monday 5 June, Gabriela Cavallin filed a police report in Sao Paulo, Brazil which contained accusations of assault, bodily injury and threatening behavior by the Brazilian.

The 22-year-old woman, who is also the footballer’s former girlfriend, also accused Antony of verbally threatening to kill her during a telephone conversation on May 20, the same day he played in Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Bournemouth in the Premier League.

In an interview with Record TV in Brazil, Cavallin has now spoken out on several of the alleged incidents, including an occasion where Antony is said to have told her: ‘If you don’t stay with me, you won’t stay with anyone else. Everything will end here for you, we will die together, me, you and our son.’

Cavallin alleges she was the victim of violence when she was carrying their unborn child. Cavallin later lost her child during her pregnancy.

The incident is said to have taken place when the couple lived in Amsterdam while Antony was still playing for Ajax.

‘At that moment I died. I panicked, I started crying a lot. I had a 30-hour delivery. It was the greatest sadness of my life,’ she said.

‘He had come back from vacation and called me. He was just apologizing, saying he was very sorry about what had happened.’

In the interview, Cavallin also recalled an alleged incident where she was attacked and required surgery, claiming a ‘handyman’ associated with Manchester United arranged for two doctors to visit their apartment.

‘I had shortness of breath, it looked like I was going to die. He began to see that it was serious and stopped. He called an employee from Manchester, a kind of ‘handyman’, who asked two doctors to come to my apartment.’

Cavallin spoke about a further incident where Antony allegedly ‘broke her suitcase and cell phone’ and ‘took her passport’, preventing her from leaving their apartment.

‘I stayed there from 10pm until close to 3:30am. I just wanted to get out of there but he said that I would only leave after deleting everything,’ she said.

After filing police reports in Brazil, Cavallin, a DJ and influencer, insists she plans to travel to England and pursue legal action against the footballer.

‘I’ll go with a lawyer, with a protective measure and with the evidence. If necessary, I’ll go after the witnesses, I’ll go to the club to look for the employee who called the doctors, I see the security cameras … I’ll do whatever it takes.

‘I’m going to England to denounce him for assault, failure to help, false imprisonment, psychological abuse and for everything he did to me. Antony, 23, was signed by Manchester United in an £85 million deal from Ajax last September.

He made 44 appearances in his first season at Old Trafford, scoring eight goals in all competitions.

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