International Afrobeats sensation Jeffery Benson set to release new singles ‘Solo’



With the highly anticipated release of his singles, ‘Solo’ and ‘Deeper,’ Jeffrey Benson aims to establish himself as a prominent figure and a defining voice of Afrobeats, not only in Canada but on a worldwide scale.

His journey from Lagos, Nigeria to international recognition is a testament to his captivating artistry that is set to mesmerize audiences across the globe.

Jeffrey Benson’s music transcends borders, capturing the true essence of Afrobeats while infusing it with his unique artistic perspective. His captivating sound and unmatched talent have garnered him a devoted following in Canada, establishing him as a trailblazer within the local afrobeat scene.

The anticipation surrounding Jeffrey Benson’s forthcoming singles, ‘Solo’ and ‘Deeper,’ is a testament to the global recognition he has achieved throughout his remarkable journey. With each release, he takes a bold stride towards his vision of representing Afrobeats on a global platform.

The song ‘Solo’ narrates the story of an artist’s struggle and determination to make it in a cutthroat industry. Drawing inspiration from the popular South African genre Amapiano, the track fuses it with the signature sound of Afrobeats, resulting in a distinctive and irresistible composition.

As the title suggests, ‘Solo’ celebrates individualism and self-reliance. Through powerful lyrics, Jeffrey Benson encapsulates the trials and triumphs of pursuing a career in music, inspiring listeners to stay focused and resolute in the face of adversity. ‘Solo’ is more than a catchy tune—it’s an anthem for anyone who dares to chase their dreams on their own terms.

“Deeper” is an Afro Fusion masterpiece that takes listeners on a captivating journey. With chilled beats that evoke the carefree ambiance of a boat cruise or a relaxing car ride, this track sets the perfect backdrop for sun-soaked adventures. Let the irresistible sound envelop you as you succumb to its seductive allure.

Featuring lyrics that ignite the imagination, ‘Deeper’ paints a vivid picture of desire and intimate connection. Jeffrey Benson’s velvety vocals breathe life into the lyrics, enticing listeners to explore the depths of passion. From the alluring opening lines to the rhythmic exploration of pleasure, this song will have you moving to its irresistible groove.

Prepare to witness the ascent of a true musical visionary in Jeffrey Benson. The world is about to be captivated by an artist who not only embodies the spirit of Afrobeats but also represents the aspirations and dreams of a creative immigrant from Africa.

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