Husband accused of ‘drugging his wife and recording at least 83 men r3ping her



The alleged assaults occurred between 2011 and 2020, with the prosecution claiming that Dominique insists none of the attackers ‘gave up going through with sexual acts on his wife given her state’.

They say Dominique ‘never used violence or threats’ to ensure the rapes took place, adding: ‘Each individual was in possession of his free will to stop these acts and leave.’

Some of the rapists are understood to have come to the home multiple times. Many allege they were unaware that Françoise had not consented to the encounters.

‘Guests’ were allegedly asked to park away from the house and to avoid bringing strong smells into the house, such as tobacco or perfume, that could wake her.

One, denying rape, reportedly said: ‘It’s his wife, he does what he likes with her.’

Police learned of the videos during a preliminary investigation into Dominique in 2020 after he was suspected of using a hidden camera to film women getting changed in a supermarket.

A trial is expected to take place next year.


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