Georgina Rodriguez teases on future wedding with Cristiano Ronaldo



Argentine-born Spanish model, Georgina Rodriguez has again rubbished rumours that her relationship with Al-Nassr striker Cristiano Ronaldo is in turmoil.


Instead, she hinted that they could get married soon.

Recently, Georgina and Ronaldo have constantly denied that they are having problems.

But reporters on Thursday, June 8 asked Georgina about her relationship status during a visit to Madrid to help launch Ronaldo’s new mineral water business.

After the presentation of their new mineral water, they held a press conference in which they refused making personal statements.


Following the press conference, the reporter of the Telecinco program pressed Georgina asking her about the rumors that point to an end of the relationship with the former Manchester United forward.

“Of course not, you invited him”, she bluntly replied.

But it didn’t stop there, she was then asked about the possibility of a wedding.

To which she replied, “Of course” then Cristiano, who was standing next to her, also stressed: “One day for sure.”

Just a month ago, the Aveiro family issued a statement after an Arabic media platform published a piece with the headline “Dolores Aveiro accused of resorting to witchcraft to separate Ronaldo from Georgina Rodriguez”,

Ronaldo’s sister, Katia Aveiro issued a response..

“I opened a social network and I found this vomit of macabre news and the lowest that exists… This time, it will not go unpunished. Neither this trash newspaper, nor the source,” she declared


“We are in an age where anything goes to get likes. I hate this news, this newspaper and this content. My mother is almost 70 years old, she no longer sells healthcare, she already went through a lot in this life to raise her children, and I myself will go all the way to the end so that whoever had the brilliant idea of publishing this pays,” she continued.

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