Actress Yvonne Nelson reveals her mother told her that late politician Peter Ala Adjetey is her father



Actress Yvonne Nelson in her memoir “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson” revealed that her mother told her that her biological father was the late New Patriotic Party (NPP) member Peter Ala Adjetey.

Peter Ala Adjetey was the second Speaker of Ghana’s 4th Parliament of the Republic. He took the mantle from Justice D.F. Annan. He is celebrated as one of the pace-setters of professionalism and high standards at Ghana’s Legislature. Before he became Speaker of Parliament, he served as chairman of the NPP. He died in July 2008.

Yvonne Nelson disclosed in her book that it took her nearly five years after her conversation with her mother, to start looking for her father.

She revealed that her first step to finding out if the venerated late former Speaker of Parliament was her real dad was to get the phone number of Gabby Adjetey, the late Peter Ala Adjetey’s firstborn.

Nelson stated that she made it clear from the onset that she didn’t want anything from the respected NPP politician, but only wanted to know who her real father was.

Her quest to put to rest the doubts in her mind pushed her to do a DNA test. The test proved that she was not Peter Ala Adjetey’s daughter.

Yvonne Nelson further revealed that the disappointing outcome of the DNA test strained her relationship with her mother.




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