“Autopsy revealed my daughter was electrocuted” – Mother of 12-year-old Chrisland student




Blessing Adeniran, the mother of the 12-year-old student, Desola Whitney Adeniran of Chrisland High School in Ikeja, Lagos state, Desola Whitney Adeniran, who died while attending the school’s Interhouse sports held at the Agege Stadium on February 9, has stated that the result from the autopsy conducted on her daughter revealed she died of electrocution.


She confirmed this in a video she shared online.

She said her daughter was cut open to get the autopsy results. She said Whitney was menstruating before her death and her menstrual blood was also taken for tests.


In a video posted online on February 11, the mother said she was at the event to watch her daughter participate, but became worried when she didn’t see her daughter during the match past as well as other sporting events. Mrs. Adeniran said she decided to go where the students were all kept to check on her child, and when she got there, she was told by a male student that a certain Whitney fainted and had been rushed to the hospital.


Whitney’s mother said her daughter was not sick before the inter-house sports day and when she asked the doctor at the hospital the cause of her daughter’s death, the doctor said it appears to be cardiac arrest.


Responding to the incident, Chrisland School explained that about two weeks prior, Whitney had complained of ill health and chose not to participate in the school’s march-past.


In a statement released, the school claimed Whitney died in “public view and not under any hidden circumstances,” adding that she was rushed to the nearest medical facility for first aid”


Whitney’s father claimed his daughter “died from the naked wire from one cotton candy vendor machine after she touched it and she was electrocuted immediately she leaned on it.”


He claimed that water was poured on her which killed her immediately.


“I have documented evidence that my child died from electrocution and it was not Cardiac arrest,” he said.


“She was hale and hearty, she was not sick. And let me state it clearly, by the time I saw her corpse, her lips and tongue had already turned black,” Mrs. Adeniran told BBC Pidgin


The school’s management had appealed to Whitney’s parents to verify their claim with scientific confirmation before their daughter’s burial.


She called out Chrisland Schools for making her family go through the trauma due to the autopsy when they could have just told them how their child died.

She also said all those who keep insinuating her daughter was a sickly child will be judged by God.


See the video that confirmed this below;


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