‘ This coming election, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is my Candidate’ – Comedian Seyilaw




Comedian, Seyilaw has declared that APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu as his candidate. In the coming election, his vote goes to Tinubu.


In a recent post on his Instagram page, he wrote, “what Tinubu did to rebuild Lagos after the military era can never be overstated. You can use other metrics I don’t know to judge him, but to deny his work in Lagos as a governor and the continuity is plain hatred”.

“If I was paid to campaign for SIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU, let God judge me. I have always maintained my stance that I will never receive money to campaign for any politician and that I have always kept.

This coming election, BAT is my Candidate”.

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