‘President Buhari may have acted on wrong advice’ – Festus Keyamo says regarding the Naira redesign policy




Speaking on Channels Television on Friday, February 17, The spokesperson for the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council (APC-PCC), Festus Keyamo, opined that President Buhari was ill-advised about his directive on the naira redesign policy.


Keyamo said,

‘’My view is that the President acted honestly without intention to slight the Supreme Court. But he may have acted on the wrong advice. I did not give that advice; it is not my responsibility. I don’t know who gave that advice. I want to say this openly because tomorrow, people will ask me where I stood at this time.”


The Minister of State for Labour stated that President Buhari’s speech acknowledged that there were certain matters in court and that the President believed he was playing safe by purportedly intervening to quell the growing tension across the country.

“He thought he was playing safe by saying, ‘Before you decide this matter in court, may I just provide some middle ground so that country burning, there are riots everywhere, so let me just try and provide some succor to the people, whilst acknowledging the matters are in court.

Now, if I were to advise him, I would have advised differently. I did not advise him. It’s not my responsibility; I don’t know. who”

When asked what his counsel to the President would have been, He said it would be for him to “comply strictly with the terms of the order of the Supreme Court, which is that all the old notes should circulate for now side by side with the new notes because that is the order of the Supreme Court.”

He added that by the constitution, “all authorities in Nigeria must obey the orders of the Supreme Court, “adding that anything to the contrary is “a descent to anarchy.”



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