“People should just stop lying” – Actress Angela Okorie addresses other actresses who claim they made their money from few years of acting




Actress Angela okorie was a guest on the new episode of Factory 78 where she was asked why it actresses are wealthier than actors.


Angela had addressed her female colleagues saying if there’s any other source of income, they should make mention of it.


She said, “people should  just stop lying that they are making the money from the movie industry”.


Angela said, “You’ll see somebody that just entered Nollywood. you’re not even up to a year in Nollywood, you’ll come and lie for people and say you just bought a house. Please, you just bought a house, which money paid for your house? Which money did you use in buying the house?  you’ll come and tell people that they are paying you. Oga, you no dey earn pass me. You no dey earn pass a lot of A-list artists that have been there for 20 years and working out their lives. You’re making them look like they’ve not been working. You’re making them look like what they’ve been doing, they’ve been playing. How do you wanna compare yourself to somebody that has done 200visuals to you that has done just 5 visuals”


She further said,  “You can’t come and tell me that it’s film money you used in buying the house because at the end of the day, you don’t even earn more than me and the last time I checked, you have not even done up to ten movies.”

“If there’s something else you are doing to make money, you can say it. But you can’t just come and say that film gave you this money. That’s a lie. It’s a huge lie” she added.




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