Nigerian mum cries out after her 12years old daughter died while attending school’s interhouse sports [video]




Mrs. Blessing Adeniran, mother to a 12years old girl is demanding answers from the management of Chrisland High School in Lagos state after her daughter, Desola Whitney Adeniran, slumped and died while attending the school’s Interhouse sports held at the Agege Stadium last Thursday, February 9, 2023


In a video she shared online, the distraught mum said she was at the event to watch her daughter participate. She said she became worried when she didn’t see her daughter during the match past as well as other sporting events.

She said she decided to search where the students were assembled to check on her child. It was while she was there that she was told by a male student that a certain Whitney fainted and had been rushed to the hospital.


Mrs. Adeniran said one of the staff saw her and then told her that Whitney had been rushed to the hospital. On getting there, she met her daughter’s corpse. She confirmed that the school is yet to give her full details of what happened to her child.


The distressed mother related that the school claims her 12-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest and slumped. She said her daughter was not sick and never had any pre-existing heart condition and wonders why she would suffer a cardiac arrest.

She is demanding the school to honestly explain to her what happened to her child so she can bury her child in peace.



Watch the videos where she shared tearfully related what happened;


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