Man caught raping his underage daughter




A man who goes by the name David Gaius has been arrested by the Adamawa State Police Command for allegedly raping his stepdaughter.


The man was questioned by the police on the charge of raping his stepdaughter on three different occasions.

This man admitted committing the offense, according to the State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Suleiman Nguroje.


The man narrated how he slept with the girl three times, blaming it on the devil. He had said the devil used him while he was drunk.


He also admitted to using a charm of attraction on the girl. He said he put the charm in the meat which his victim ate, to attract her.


Gaius said he had raped the girl for the first time in 2020 when she was 14 years old living in the same house with his wife and other children. He indulges in this act after the other members of the family had slept.

He had indulged in this act the third time recently when his wife caught him in the heart, he lied to her that a native doctor asked him to rape a little girl.

He denied using a white handkerchief to clean his victim’s private part for ritual purposes as alleged by the girl, adding that he did not rape her for ritual purposes.

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