Ibadan residents protest over the scarcity of new naira notes and rise in price of fuel




Protest over the price, scarcity of fuel and hardship of the new naira notes has surged up in Ibadan, Oyostate.


The distressed residents including youths armed with dangerous weapons are protesting against the fuel scarcity and their inability to access the new naira notes in banks.

In videos that came up online, the people were seen burning tyres, destroying bank building among other things.


The armed youths blocked the road connecting Bodija to the secretariat axis with burn fire. They then force their way into the secretariat and headed to the governor’s office where a inspector of police who was on duty by the main entrance was injured.

The injured officer, Inspector Dynasty Layemo was stoned by the angry mobs while trying to prevent them gaining entrance into the governor’s main office complex.

He  has been rushed to the hospital for treatment.


Watch videos from the scene below;


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