Western sanctions on Russia are “irrational and rash”, according to Putin



Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has decried western sanctions against his country.

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine, prompting a strong response from the west.

The west has put sanctions on Russia’s currency, the Rouble, as well as restrictions on or outright bans on Russian exports, travel to and from Russia, and penalties and sanctions on Russian Oligarchs and officials, including Putin himself.

Putin now claims that the sanctions imposed by the west on Russia are “mad and thoughtless.

He said this at a symposium in St Petersburg on Friday, June 17.

Putin said the sanctions were “more harmful” to those who imposed them.

As violent battle raged in Ukraine’s eastern city of Severondonetsk, he made his declaration .

For weeks, Russian troops have been focused on capturing Severondonetsk and Lysycharisk.

Putin stated at the annual St Petersburg International Economic Forum that the E.U’s sanctions against Russia might cost the E.U more than $400 billion (£326 billion).

He said inflation was increasing across the 27-member EU bloc and the real interests of people in Europe were being sidelined.

Referring to fears of a global food crisis triggered by the continuing war in Ukraine, Putin claimed that Russia was “capable of significantly increasing its exports of grain and fertilisers.” Grain exports alone could rise to some 50 million tonnes, he said.

Ukraine is one of the world’s top grain producers along with Russia, but has been unable to send supplies abroad because of a blockade of its Black Sea ports.

Putin also urged Russia’s top business leaders to remain investing in the country, despite reports of rising numbers of companies are shifting their focus to international operations.

“Invest here. It’s safer in your own house. Those who didn’t want to listen to this have lost millions abroad,” Mr Putin said

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