“I’m traumatized” says the narrator. A woman recounts what happened after her lover was shot in a Lagos club after she denied Burna Boy’s approaches



The woman who turned down Burna Boy’s advances at a nightclub, resulting in her partner and his friend being shot, has spoken out about the incident.

Briella stated She, her partner, best friend, and husband, travelled to Nigeria from America and London to attend the wedding of a childhood friend.

On June 8, 2022, they went to Cubana Lagos nightclub after the wedding to celebrate the newlyweds.

They were having a good time in the VIP section of the club when she claims a man approached her on behalf of Burna Boy.

She claimed she informed the man that she is married and has no interest in Burna.

When the man came back a second time, she gave him same response.

When he returned the third time, requesting that Burna wants to meet her, the group with Briella became enraged with Burna’s friend, resulting in a verbal altercation.

The verbal spat escalated into a physical brawl, which Cubana security intervened to break up.

Another brawl broke out as Burna’s pals were returning to their seats, and security had to intervene once more.

Briella, on the other hand, said that Burna’s friends began shooting.

She claimed that one of Burna’s friends lifted her and flung her “so hard on the floor” injuring her left shoulder in the process.

She claimed that one of her friends attempted to get Burna to speak with his boys, but that he simply laughed and exited the club with his security.

She added that Burna Boy’s friends were also shooting at people attempting to leave the club and “they were out to kill and didn’t care who got hit.”

She also said that when she finally got to a place she thought was safe, the man who intially approached her on behalf of Burna saw her and told her, “you’re the one that was doing shakara, abi?”

She said he then reached into his pants to get something resembling a gun but her friends came to her rescue.

She later learned that her partner had been shot in the thigh and his friend had been grazed in the head by a bullet.

She said the incident left her traumatized, and she’s been feeling even worse after witnessing Burna Boy’s response.

Burna Boy tweeted:

“Nigerian social media can say Burna Boy started Boko Haram, e no go shock me.”

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