Angel of BBNaija reacts to a Twitter troll bringing her parents into her feud with her former BFF, Cross



Angel, the Big Brother Naija Star, has reacted to a Twitter user who dragged her parents into her feud with Cross, her former BFF and Co-reality TV star.

During the reunion show, Angel revealed that she had stopped being friends with Cross outside the house since he didn’t reciprocate anything she did for him. Cross, on the other hand, stated he did some things for her parents that he didn’t want to talk about.

A Twitter user suggested that Cross offered her parents money after the episode aired last night, and Angel responded by saying that her Parents shouldn’t be ‘bullied. She also revealed that Cross and her father collaborated on a charitable project and donated to an orphanage.

She tweeted; 

“Are you out of your stupid ass mind??? Don’t try me this evening. My father and your boy did a charity case together and they donated to an orphanage. Cut that bs out.

Y’all better leave my Good man alone; because I will go to war for him.

Y’all will bully my parents for literally nothing to fit into a narrative that doesn’t make any sense; you can drag me, but leave those amazing people out of it; it won’t fly around here.

And let everyone call me angry and defensive; I do not care. Whatever narrative about me can fly but you see my parents? You will not dare label them as beggars”.

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