After being discovered by a lady, Four Nigerians were detained in the Philippines for allegedly counterfeiting official IDs and other documents



On Wednesday June 15, agents of the National Bureau of Investigation Cebu Division office (NBI CEBDO) in the Philippines arrested four Nigerian citizens for “allegedly fabricating government IDs and other documents to be used in internet frauds,” Police said.

On Monday June 13 2022, at around 3 p.m, NBI agents swooped down on a house in a subdivision in Barangay Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu city, and detained the four suspects.

Augustine Onyekachi Nwokachi, Tosen Samuel Oguntoye, Chibuike Joseph Nwokoro and Christopher Okeke were identified.

The four will be charged with multiple counts of documents falsification. The operation was carried out after one of the suspect’s girlfriend requested help from the office after she was allegedly convinced by the suspects to help them produce phony identity in her name.

The suspects forced her to register many bank accounts after she obtained phony IDs, which will be used to facilitate transactions related to an online scam.

The suspects began their operation in April, 2022, according to the NBI-CEBDO, though they have yet to be issued ATM cards by the banks, according to Agent Atty. Nio Rodriguez.

According to investigation, the girlfriend’s forged IDs were printed in Colon, Cebu city.

Rodriguez stated that this was not first time in Colon that an issue of ID forgery had arisen. He claimed that police has previously carried out operations in the area.

BIR, Phihealth, NBI clearances, LTO driver’s licenses, Philpost IDs, PRC IDs, and corporate IDs were among the bogus official IDs confisticated by the agents.

“Seguro they met in dating sites and once they get the trust of Filipina, they would ask them to open bank accounts using their photos but not their names,” said Rodriguez

According to Ariel Pura, Agent-in-charge, they would work with Nigerian embassy in Manila to learn more about the suspects’ background.

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