A Russian journalist has sold the Nobel Prize for £84,500,000 to help Ukraine’s children



Dimitry Muratov, a multi-award-winning Russian journalist, auctioned off his Nobel Peace Prize to raise more than $100 million for Ukranian children.

Muratov, who received the gold medal in October 2021 after assisting in the founding of the independent Russian newspaper. Novaya Gazeta, set a new record for the highest money paid for the medal yesterday night in New York city.

He raised $103.5 million (£84.5 million) which is 27 times more than the previous best of $84.5 million established eight years ago.

The money will be given to Ukranian child refugees to provide them with ‘a chance for a future’.

The sale proceeds will benefit UNICEF’s efforts to assist children displaced by the fighting.

Mr Muratov expressed concern for children who have been orphaned as a result of the crisis in Ukraine ahead of the sale. “We want to give them their future”, he explained.

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