Your pastor’s job is not to call you everyday; Clergywoman says.



Nigerian Clergywoman, Vanessa has said the pastor’s job is not to call his church member everyday. His job is to be loving and welcoming, but calling them everyday isn’t a part, she said that is meant for their partners to do.

See her tweet;

“Your Pastor is not your boyfriend/girlfriend! Should your Pastor be loving? Yes, all believers should show love and warmth. But don’t expect your pastor to call you everyday to check in on you, solve all your life problems and make you feel good. It’s simply not his job.

Your Pastor’s primary role in your life is for your progress and joy in the faith. This is achieved when you sit under his/her teachings and allow it bear fruit in your life. Be kind to your Pastors. They are as human as you are. They have needs like you.

Don’t kill your Pastors with your selfishness. They have families, they have responsibilities outside of you. They have NEEDS. They fight many battles silently and you don’t know the half of it. Check in on them, pray for them, give to them, spread their work! Shey you hear?”

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