Twitter users react after wife whose husband called from work asking her to wear the new lingerie he bought for her and lay on the bed before he returns, calls her friend to seek advice



A twitter user Adeola, has taken to her twitter to narrate how her friend called her to tell her about her (friend) husband who asked her to wear a new set of lingerie he bought for her and be on the bed by the time he comes home.

The user, who felt her friend’s husband could have taken her for dinner voiced her displeasure and equally made it known on twitter.

Twitter users have reacted, some were angry for the woman for having an opinion on how the man wants to have ‘fun’ with his wife and others sisd the friend probably called because she lacked experience.

“’My friend called me asking for advice, she said her husband called from work and asked her to go shower then wear the new lingerie he got her then lay on bed that he wants to meet her on bed.

She asked what I think of the whole thing and I said I would have preferred if he asked Her to bath and dress up then he picks her up for dinner. Anyways I said she should listen and do whatever her husband wants, open your shop for him whenever he wants to shop. Shikena.”

See reactions below;

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