Twitter user explains why Nigerian women should marry before leaving the country



A twitter user has explained why Nigerian women should get married before traveling abroad.

According to him, they might get carried away with making money that they forget to get married only to wake up lonely and single in their old age and while a man can get married at any age, a woman cannot.

He tweeted;

“As a single Nigerian babe that moved to the US, Canada, or the West, you have to be conscious about getting a man, coz you can easily be carried away with making all that money, and wake up one morning alone in your 50s, with a house, car, no child, no partner.

We live in a world where a man can wake-up in his 70s, and always find a woman to wife, but unfortunately, it is not the same for women. Don’t let anybody deceive you. This is reality. Everybody needs somebody. While you are making that money, please make conscious efforts to find a man.

Loneliness in the midst of so much wealth is very depressing. It is even worset when you don’t have a child. Ask those experiencing it, it’s not fun. Again, make a very conscious effort to find a man while making all that money. This is coming from a place of love. If you like insult your fada. When you are done, go find yourself a man.

Oh, let me add. Ladies, if you are planning japa and have that serious boyfriend in Nigeria, pls hold him tight. If possible, make sure you both japa together. If you can sponsor it, please do. Don’t japa alone thinking you gon find a man over there. Some might find, many won’t.

For places like UK, it is difficult. Those boys there will f*ck you shege. UK boys are the real demons. Again, if you have a boyfriend, hold him tight and make sure y’all leave together. Life is all about risk. Whatever choice you make, be ready for the consequences. Udo!”

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