Tribalism is very personal, Igbo lady share her experience with her Yoruba landlord.



An Igbo lady Eby Amanda Pius-Urum has taken to her Facebook account to recount how much of a blessing her landlord has been to her, while stating that tribalism is very personal.

According to her, the only question her Yoruba landlord asked when she wanted to rent the apartment was if she would be able to renew her house rent, to which she replied Yes.

But when she was unable to do so, instead of her landlord to send her away, he encouraged her and asked her to pay in installments.

Read her post below;

“I have lived at my current apartment since 2017.

When my agent met my landlord that a young lady want to take the apartment. The only question he asked was

“Hope you can renew your next rent?”

No singleness and Igbo wahala.

I replied YES. Lmao… I didn’t know life was about playing Russian roulette with me.

December same year, life hit me.

I spent December 2017 to June 2018 shuttling between Lagos and Ebonyi.

When everything crumbled in June 2018. I stayed almost 2 months in Ebonyi, got back to Lagos after and met mind blowing cobwebs.

My rent had expired in April. See me getting back to Lagos in August.

I’d lock myself inside my apartment and cry myself to sleep. Wake up, shower and start crying from where I stopped.

For close to a month. We were entering September and I haven’t paid my rent.

The zeal to work was zero. Because, since I became an adult, if I don’t work I won’t eat. There was no hope of getting my rent except I get on my machine.

I wrote my landlord. I asked that he should spare me a month more to pack my stuff back home. It was the only option.

I was tired at that point. No motivational speech dey move me.

I waited for over 24hrs for my landlord to reply my message.

My rent is due since 5 months plus. So I anticipated a NO.

Finally his message came.

“What will you go home and do? How are you going to carry your load? You have to understand that it is not the end. I have been in same shoes. It is good to mourn but you should not give up on yourself while doing that. Pay installmentally. Everything will be fine. Pele!”

LMAO! I was like “What manner of landlord is this?”

His wife came the following week to check up on me. We talked and she hugged me and left. Still wondering why she was surprised I gave her wrapper in December.

I have been blessed in this life but my landlord is one of my major blessings.

My landlord is one of the most understanding and considerate Yoruba man I have ever seen.

I pray God blesses me so that I can bless him like I want.

It’s 2022 and I have grown past my current apartment. I have been house hunting since last year and all I can say is

“Tribalism is very personal”

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