Someone said my father used my legs and destiny to make money – Differently-abled Nigerian lady, Dorathy Osaronu reacts to social media trolling



Differently-abled Nigerian woman Dorathy Osaronu has narrated how she came to live with the disability as a child while reacting to social media trolls.

She said;

“I woke up this morning realizing how much God has blessed me and how far I have come. I am a SURVIVOR,” she wrote. 

I survived what would have killed me, I know what I went through as a child, I was only 3 years old when I woke up with a high fever that changed my life forever, there were days I was confirmed dead and boom I will come back Alive. You can’t imagine the things I have endured lol. My elder sis Grace Osaronu can relate.

Growing up I used to go from one hospital to the other, one herbalist to the other, one morning in 2005 as a child I told My Late father that I was tired

My Dad being someone that can do anything for me immediately agreed.

I was very dare to My fathers heart, He knew first hand all the pain I had endured as a child and so He understood that only love can completely heal me of every pain, and it worked He taught me how to love myself even more, and loving myself was all I needed to live in a society like ours where people living with a disability are considered a taboo or a curse

On this very Facebook someone told me that my father used my legs and destiny to make money. I still have that screenshot lol, this is the point people go to hurt their fellow humans feelings, it amazes me how people conceive such evil thoughts

My husband Gabriel Osaro is someone I have known half my life, We both love and adore each other and your opinions of us doesn’t count, so hush it. And if you look us with evil eyes my God go blind that eye.

When people assume He married me for money We both laugh. which money na?

My friends who personally know me know how much I like money lol. I have been chopping my husbands money since God knows when, and I will continue chopping his money forever.

I honestly do not owe anyone an explanation about my own LIFE, Henceforth do me a Favour by keeping me and my family out of ur mouth it is off limits.

I didn’t realize how much I am loved on this App, I saw all you encouraging messages, many of you sent messages and even called the ones that even fought OMO I have an army on here I don’t deserve this kind of love and I want you all to know that I will never disappoint you, I will continue to give y’all premium content.

Yesterday was really emotional for me but I am better now, the Anastasia girl on rant I have forgiven her and I bare no grudges. Everyone trolling me both old and new I forgive you all in advance.

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