Someone killed her; AGN reacts to actress Chinedu Bernard’s death.



The President of the Actor Guild Nigeria, Emeka Rollas has said late actress Chinedu Bernard was murdered, he made this known on his social media.

According to him, how can someone who slumped sustain injuries to her face? He concluded it’s either she was murdered or she took some substances for suicide and decided to die in church, he requested for an autopsy to be carried out.

Actress Chinedu Bernard was reported to have slumped and died while cleaning a church premises in Enugu, the actress who was rushed to the hospital was declared dead on arrival.

He said;

“Many questions yet to be answered concerning the death of Actress Chinedu Bernard. 1. How can someone who slumped inside a church sustain bruises on the face? 2. Who are Chinedu’s parishioner friends? 3. Who are Chinedu’s friends in Enugu where she is practising her craft? So it is either someone killed her or she took a suicidal substance and decided to die in the church.

“Autopsy must be conducted to ascertain the main cause of her death.”

He furthermore admonished actors,

“Let me use this medium to address Actors. No man is an island it is gross irresponsibility for any actor to be in an industry such as ours without being up to date with the Actors Guild of Nigeria,”he said.

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