ASUU strike won’t affect Buhari’s legacy, Femi Adesina says it is an endemic issue.



Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina has said Asuu strike won’t affect the legacy of the President Buhari, as it is an Endemic issue and the federal government is committed to ensuring resolution of the areas concern.

He said;

“He (referring to Buhari) appealed to ASUU to consider the plight of those young ones. It shows that the president is ready to have this matter resolved once and for all.

“Last week, I saw something on Facebook that Alhaji Shehu Shagari was appealing to ASUU to go back to class. Alhaji Shagari ruled 43 years ago.

“That shows you that this is an endemic issue. Left to the government, the students will go back tomorrow but then the issue has to be resolved conclusively so that in another six weeks, eight weeks, or six months, we don’t go back to where we are today.

“It would not vitiate the legacy of the president in any way because this dates back in time. It was there under Shagari; it was there under Buhari as a military leader; it was there under Babangida, and it was there under Shonekan — under everybody.”

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