Man and his mother allegedly poisoned his wife to death.



A woman Yetunde Balogun has been allegedly poisoned by her husband and mother-in-law.

It was said that the lady converted from Christianity to Islam to marry her husband who she had two children for.

According to reports, the lady experienced domestic violence which made her leave her husband to come back only after he had pleaded with her.

The lady confided in her friend that her husband no longer eats her food after she came back to the house.

On Monday, the 11th of April, her husband reportedly came with food for her he said it was cooked by his mother.

The lady started experiencing stomach distress after eating the food and she called her friend to inform her.

She died that same day in a hospital she was rushed to.

Friends said her husband claimed Yetunde took a poisonous substance in a bid to end her life, after it was confirmed she died of poisoning not knowing she had called her friend to inform her.

Her friends demand justice for her, they said her husband’s family never liked her for marrying their only son because she was a Christian.

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