I’m teaching him to be confident – Actress, Megan Fox reveals she bought books written by transgender children for her 9- year-old son after he developed a desire to wear dresses



Actress Megan Fox has revealed she buys books written by transgender children for her son Noah, after he shows desire to wear dresses.

She shares Noah, nine, Bodhi, eight, and Journey, five, with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green, who she was married to between 2010 and 2021.

According to her, allowing kids to express themselves through dressing has nothing to do with their sexuality.

She said;

Gracing the cover of Glamour UK’s April Issue, Fox, 35, said;

‘I bought a bunch of books that sort of addressed these things and addressed a full spectrum of what this is.

‘Some of the books are written by transgender children. Some of the books are just about how you can be a boy and wear a dress; you can express yourself through your clothing however you want.

‘And that doesn’t even have to have anything to do with your sexuality. So from the time they were very young, I’ve incorporated those things into their daily lives so that nobody feels like they are weird or strange or different.’

‘I do have a child that suffers. So I have a lot of worries about that, because I just wish that humanity was not like this.

‘Although my kid is so brave and my child is so brave and I know that they’ve chosen this journey for a reason. It’s just hard as a mom.’

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