I will be letting go and I’ll set them up in petty business; Man says he forgives the thief that broke into his home and went away with 8.5 Million naira.



Nigerian investigative journalist Fejiro Oliver has said he has forgiven the young men who broke into his apartment in Lekki and made away with $15,000 (8.5M) according to him, he could see regrets in their eyes and he wants charges against them dropped.

While narrating the incident, Fejiro said;

“The apartment manager came around alongside policemen to other apartments where the thieves’ colleagues are security men only to discover that the five of them had suddenly disappeared that night.”

“The five Benue boys switched off their phones. One of them is Stephen Oche. Their guarantor, Abraham also bolted away that night, apparently after being told by Isreal of his new found fortune.”

Taking to his Facebook on the 26th of April, he made it known that he’s letting it go. He said he had also been jailed while fighting corruption before and no man should stay in prison.

Read his post below;

“$15,000 theft… Letting Go. I have seen the four walls of the prison in the North and South while fighting the government and corruption,” he wrote.

I have been behind bars. I have slept in the dreaded Alagbon cell. All not for crime committed but fighting for humanity

My $15,000 was stolen by five boys and I spent over N2M to get three tracked and arrested from Benue to Lagos State.

They have been cooling in prison since. But they are young. They can reinvent their life for good. They can be better for the society. When I keep them there, my heart still pricks.

They have done wrong. They erred. They have apologised. $15,000 is N8.7 million but not life taken.

Nigeria is hard but not enough to steal from another man. I could see the pains in their eyes yesterday in court. I saw regrets in their soul as they watched proceedings in the dock

I’m human. I have a heart. My daughter want them out. I also want them out without the conviction stain.

No man should stay in prison and it shouldn’t be teenagers unless they murder, rape or commit heinous crime

I will be letting go. I will meet with them. I will also set them up in petty business or find a way to get them gainfully employed. They deserve a new lease of life

Freedom is the first need of man and if I fight for it, I should prove it though painfully. It’s #MoneyLostNOTlife I let go.”

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