I shunned alcohol, Indian hemp, drugs and waited 15 years in Nollywood to have this fame.



Nigerian actor Lateef Adedimeji has talked about how he shunned Indian hemp, alcohol and drugs and waited 15 years to become famous in Nollywood.

He made this known on Sunday while speaking on “Youth Empowerment’ at the NTA Channel 10 Ramadan Lecture.”

He said,

So many able-bodied youths like me now opt for money ritual. What is money ritual? Only a fool won’t work and will want to become rich. Some so-called fathers somewhere tell you to mix this and that to get money. You will suffer if you do and there won’t be anyone to deliver you.”

“I would have indulged in some unprintable things if not for my understanding. I did not get this fame that I have today until after 15 years in my industry.

“In those days, I had people that we were struggling together that God lifted before me. If my understanding was shallow, I would have approached them and asked them to show me the way, to take me to the catapult that elevated them but I didn’t do that. Instead, I went back to my Islamic mentor to complain that my prayers had not been answered. However, he told me that doors would open at the right time.”

“I remembered the day they want to teach me how to smoke Indian hemp and I was told that my brain will become very light after taking the substance and will be able to assimilate movie lines better but I refused,”

He urged youths to focus on Allah.

“For every youth like me, stick to Allah and you will achieve whatever you want to achieve in life,”

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