“The president is healthier than most of the people attacking him on this matter.” Garba Sheu.



Presidential spokesperson Garba Sheu in a recent interview on channels has said the president is healthier than most youths criticizing him.

He said this while highlighting the president’s picture where he was seen rocking casual wears in Belgium.

He said;

“The president is keen. For us, what is most impressive here is that people are beginning to appreciate that the president is in good health and it was manifested from some of these pictures that they came across.

“That should dispel whatever fears that some people have. A lot of rumours concerning his health and all of that, generated by people of ill will; people who know nothing about these things.

“We keep saying this that the president is healthier than a lot of the young people who are attacking him on these matters. This continues to be proved by his outings as we have seen in Belgium.”

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