People would be trekking from Lagos to Ibadan if it wasn’t for me; Buhari



President Buhari while speaking on Tuesday the 22nd of February at the president villa while receiving a delegation from Kaduna state has said people would have been trekking from Lagos to Ibadan if he didn’t intervene with rail and road projects.

He said;

“My objective was very clear, despite the dwindling resources, I wanted to deal with infrastructure across the country.

We should look at advancement in terms of Infrastructure. No country can advance without infrastructure.

“The people from south-west can tell better because between Lagos and Ibadan by now, if we hadn’t done what we did, people would have been trekking because the road was not there, the rail was not there and there was so much insecurity.

“But we thank the international community. We thank China and Chinese investors, who came along to support the Lagos-Ibadan transport projects.”

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