Omawumi talks about her childhood.



Singer Omawumi Megbele has taliked about her childhood to motivate people.

She talked about how her Aunty used to refer to her as ‘beauty,’ as a prophecy to her life that she would one day be pretty.

She also revealed the different names she was called by her peers, but now, she says she’s madly in love with herself.

She said;

“I was one of those kids they used to call ‘Hammer Headed’, ‘OGORstina’ and ‘Ekpengbe forehead’… Infact one of my aunt’s used to call me ‘Beauty’, she said she was using it to prophecy into my life that I will be pretty someday… Well there was a time I allowed it get to me, there was a time that I couldn’t step out without being heavily decked up in makeup. I would do all manners of things to hide my flaws because I felt imperfect.

Now the only thing that has changed is that I’m madly in love with my imperfect me, with my ekpengbe forehead, with my knock knees, with my cellulites and stretch marks like map of Africa! I’m in love with my skin and everything within… And guess what? I can still decide to change or hide a flaw because that too is ok! what I won’t do is allow anybody’s perception of me direct the decisions I make for myself. I am Beautiful…You are beautiful too!”

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