Marrying an older woman is risky; Reno Omokri says a man should always be older than his wife.



Activist Reno Omokri has said the ideal type of marriage is one in which the husband is older than the wife and not vice versa.

He said it’s risky to marry an older woman as a man’s libido lasts longer than that of a woman.

He said;

“Dear men,

Marrying an older woman is risky. A man’s libido can last till he is 100. Will you be able to hold yourself when she ages and her libido drops? These are practical matters. Don’t just marry because of how you feel now. Think of how you will feel 30 years from now!

God gave us the ideal model for marriage. He created Adam and only later created Eve, who Adam then accepted as a wife. That means that in God’s Judgment, the ideal marriage is one where the husband is older than the wife, not vice versa. Not vice versa!”

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