Lala Akindoju recounts childbirth experience as son turned one.



Nollywood actress Kemi Lala Akindoju has taken to her social media to wish her son a happy birthday as he turned one today while recounting her childbirth experience.

She said;

In yoruba land, the day a woman gives birth to a child is always called ‘Ojo Ikunle’ which means ” day of kneeling “.

“I didn’t really understand it till I researched and found out that because our great grandmothers had their babies kneeling (which is the best birthing position in my opinion), kneeling was used to praise the pain she went through and it served as a memorial.

“This is why when a child is not doing well/failing in life/seems unfocused/gets into trouble/dies before the young, Yoroba people usually exclaim ‘Ikunle Abiamo’

“Little did I know, I was going to have a real IKUNLE ABIAMO experience.

“As Adeoreofe turns one today, I look back and my heart is filled with gratitude for how God brought me through delivering this child.

“If you see me on the road, wish me a happy birthday. Today is also my day.”

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