Your friend is lazy; Samklef replies twitter user who says his friend is planning to come back to Nigeria due to hardship in Canada.



Singer Samklef has replied a twitter user @Tweetoracle who talked about how his friend who had a N350 thousand job in Nigeria left it to go to Canada and wants to come back to Nigeria 2 years after because of the struggle.

According to Samklef, the friend is lazy.

See the initial tweet here;

“I have a friend who was earning N350K in his job here in Nigeria and he left it all to journey abroad. Two yrs on, he keeps complaining with bitterness what a mistake that has been and how not easy life is abroad. He is planning to come back this year for good. Have a plan!”

See Samklef’s reply here;

”Ur friend is lazy. Lol.. job discrimination is the reason why a lot of people will remain poor. Common health care workers makes nothing less than $3k to $4K a month I have friends in it that makes $100k a month. He should go back.”

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