Nigeria traditionalist takes swipe at those saying her marriage to her husband won’t last.



A 26 year old Nigerian traditionalist Chinedum Chidinma has taken to her Facebook to address those who said her marriage to her husband would soon end after she posted pictures of them celebrating their one year anniversary.

Taking to her Facebook, she made it known they will grow old together.

“Joy overwhelmed me yesterday, about the wishes I received in our 1 year Marriage Anniversary,”

I appreciate all the tags, the comments. I love y’all. It was posted in alot of groups, some Facebook bloggers posted it in their different pages. I saw both negative and positive comments. But the positive comments overshadowed the negative ones

“And within me, I asked why are people so bittered? I saw comments like :

It will end in tears.

They’re doing lovey dovey now they don’t know what the future holds for them.

Just 1 year you don turn relationship coach.

what do you know about marriage both of you are kids.

Him go soon dump her, you no see him dread and earring

Very soon he will use her Ritual, this one na yahoo guy

We must surely see their breakup post

Ah Ah. If there’s anything I’m sacred of in this world eh, Its “MARRIAGE “coz I grew up without knowing my mother, yea! She was alive but doesn’t have access to my Brother and I. My parents were divorced. The first time I saw my mom was in my Ss1. The last time I saw her was inside Coffin

“I knew what I went through which made me to be sacred to marry the wrong guy. My Mom earnest prayer for me was to find a right and understanding partner. With her heart she never wanted me to experience little of what she experienced in an abusive relationship.

It has always being my silent prayer, Atimes I wish to just make money, have kids with no man. My Dad being an typical Igbo man and I as Ada will always remind me that,” Di bu Ugwu nwanyi”

Don’t get me twisted everybody mustn’t get married. But the Universe heard my silent prayer and wiped my secret tears. I will be 26 and my husband is 30 plus. I gave myself 1 year to study him and to know if I can do it. But He definitely proved me wrong and told me “ALL MEN ARE NOT THE SAME”

ALL MEN ARE NOT DOGS. IT DOESN’T RAIN EVERYWHERE. I think this Marriage of a thing is all about both parties being prayerful. You shouldn’t let your wife do all the fasting and prayer to keep her home

Some are not happy seeing both of you happy. Ever wondered why your so loving and caring partner started acting strange?

It might not be ordinary. Yes! I will tell a story regarding to this, something happened that at a time I thought about leaving.

We both are not Christians. We are African Traditionalists. To those wishing we break up or Divorce.

You will wait tire cox we serve Nature and we are afraid of alot. Our togetherness was made, signed and sealed spiritually before physically.

I saw him in my dream 3 years before I met him, I saw him smiling to me and a voice in that dream said “If he is not tall, Dark and has Dread He is not yours. You hardly Detect we are husband and wife cox We look alike.

Some calls him my twin brother. Truth is that we came from the same boat, we live like siblings at home. He is my soul mate. He is my soul tie. And with the Help of our Ancestors, the gods of our Land we will grow old together.

With the help of Nne Ogwi, Ogwugwu Egbe, Ogwugwu njiokwu, Ulasi Ala Ozubulu Ala Anambra niile we will achieve our dreams together.

With the help of Nneche Iyiagwu Agbani, Esu, Atavo Ala Akpugo Ala Enugu niile we will keep living to make each other happy. Thanks once again..We are unapologetically Traditionalists. Okwa-ifugo.”

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