Lady shared message she got from an ‘entitled’ pastor.



A Nigerian lady Lola Nneka has taken to her Facebook to share a message she got from a pastor on her street who according to her was feeling entitled.

She made it known that she transferred 20 thousand naira to the pastor when she went to visit him because she could see he was struggling, only to receive a message from him, asking her to gift his wife a phone.

Read her post here;

“There is this struggling pastor on my street that lives from hand to mouth.

He has a wife and two kids, I help him from time to time out of my magnanimity not because I am under any obligation to help him or I am relying on him for prayers.

I was born and bred in the Catholic Faith, Even though I have not been attending church for sometime, if I resume church today it will still be Catholic.

I don’t do pastors, TBH I hardly rate them. I just decided to assist this one occasionally because his suffering is glaring. He comes to me with all kinds of visions and conspiracy theories but I wave him off because I simply do not believe in those things.

Some days ago, I went to his house, he lives inside the church with his family, I wished them a Merry Christmas, he started asking me to buy him a car, and that his kids are always crying when they see other people’s cars, so he sized me up and concluded I can buy him a car lol. He said the holy spirit asked him to make that request from me.

I quietly did the transfer of 20k I had in mind for give him, told him and his wife I was leaving. The wife escorted me home with her kids, I had nothing to offer them so I gave the kids my mint 200 naira notes that was up to 5k, the wife thanked me and left.

Two days later a friend asked me if I know of anyone that needs help, I told him I know of a struggling pastor. He told me to send him the pastor’s account details, I did it immediately and he credited the pastor another 20k. The pastor called to thank me and even sent a text

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting alone and minding my business when I got a text from him asking me to buy his wife a phone.

Have you ever seen a person as greedy and entitled as this? Said the spirit asked him to tell me to buy his wife a phone.

Can you beat this?”

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